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20 Perfect Half Up-Half Down Hairstyles

20 Perfect Half Up-Half Down Hairstyles Anjali Sayee Stylecraze November 22, 2018

Hair up or hair down?

Why not go for one thing in between? Sure, I’m speaking about half up-half down hairstyles.

You possibly can sport a half up-half down hairstyles for any event – a marriage, a gathering, or a loopy dance night time at a membership. In addition to, when you’ve got wonderful hair that will get greasy simply, a half and half hairdo shall be your saving grace. These hairstyles are tremendous straightforward to do, and you can also make them messy, stylish, intricate, or elegant in line with your style.

Let’s take a look at the perfect half up-half down hairdos trending proper now. I’m positive you’ll be flaunting one earlier than you even attain the top of this record!

1. OTT Half Knot

OTT Half Knot Pinit


This can be a good twist to the common half prime knot. You’ll undoubtedly want an entire lot of angle to tug this off. In any case, it’s the grown-up model of the coconut ponytail!

How To Do
  1. Brush your hair right down to take away any knots.
  2. Maintain the highest half of your hair and brush it upwards.
  3. There are two methods you are able to do this. You possibly can tie a unfastened prime knot with the ends hanging out after which wrap the unfastened ends across the bun to carry it tight in place. Or, you possibly can wrap your hair round to create the stem of the knot after which tie the ends within the knot.
  4. Use U-pins to safe the hair in place.

2. Excessive Half Ponytail

High Half Ponytail Pinit


That is one other tackle a basic cute child coiffure – the half coconut. When you have thick hair, go for it! It’s going to exhibit your quantity higher than most different hairstyles.

How To Do
  1. Maintain your hair as you’d a half ponytail and tie it with an enormous elastic band.
  2. Make sure that it’s tight and safe in order that the ponytail stays in place.

three. Semi Crown Half Updo

Semi Crown Half Updo Pinit


Typically, a easy coiffure is all it’s worthwhile to really feel assured. Do this easy but refined semi-braided crown hairdo to ooze confidence.

How To Do
  1. Collect some hair from one aspect of your head and divide it into three sections: prime, center, and backside.
  2. Weave a sew of the common braid, then drop the part of hair that was the highest part.
  3. Add a brand new part of hair from the highest, making it the highest part, and weave one other sew.
  4. Proceed braiding your hair by changing the highest part of the braid. This can create the waterfall look of your braid.
  5. Pin the braid on the other aspect of your head.

Four. Clipped Half ’Do

Clipped Half ’Do Pinit


Ornamental clips can add a sleek contact to a easy coiffure. Simply check out this coiffure. It seems to be beautiful!

How To Do

Utilizing a skinny comb, collect the hair from the highest and sides of your head and comb it backward. Maintain the hair on the again, under the crown, and clip it up with a flowery clip.

5. Flower Half Knot

Flower Half Knot Pinit


Who doesn’t recognize the great thing about a flower? Not many! So, why not incorporate a flower into your hair to make it look surreal?

How To Do
  1. Utilizing the pointed finish of a rat tail comb, part off a two-inch vast part from the entrance hairline, as much as the crown.
  2. Weave a Dutch braid with this part till you attain the crown.
  3. Tie the braid with an elastic band and wrap it round to type a bun.
  4. Pancake the braid to make it seem like a flower.

6. Twisted And Curled

Twisted And Curled Pinit


Curly hair and twists add a romantic aptitude to any coiffure in all the most effective methods. Exhibit this beautiful hairdo at a marriage or a purple carpet occasion.

How To Do
  1. This coiffure could be achieved by some easy twists with alternating sections of hair and hair pins to carry them in place.
  2. When you’ve got straight hair, curl it with a curling wand earlier than doing the coiffure.
  3. When you’ve got curly hair, apply some curl defining cream earlier than styling it.
  4. End off with a number of spritzes of hairspray to set the half updo in place.

7. Slanted Braid Half Updo

Slanted Braid Half Updo Pinit


The braid is a basic coiffure. Why not fashion it in a half updo? It positive seems to be spectacular.

How To Do
  1. Weave a Dutch braid, ranging from one aspect of your head until close to the crown.
  2. Hold including hair to the center part of the Dutch braid as you’re weaving it.
  3. Safe it on the finish with an elastic band.
  4. Wrap a small part of hair across the elastic band to cover it from view.

eight. Crisscross Half Updo

Crisscross Half Updo Pinit


The zig-zag has impressed so many designs, so we clearly wanted to include it right into a coiffure. This half up-half down coiffure is ideal for making an impression at an enormous occasion.

How To Do
  1. For this coiffure, you’ll want a braid maker clip. Use a small or medium-sized one, relying on the thickness of your hair.
  2. Backcomb the hair on the prime so as to add quantity to it.
  3. Place the clip on the again and start crisscrossing sections of hair from the edges. You should create two huge crisscrossed sections, so ensure you insert sufficient hair within the clip.
  4. Curl the ends of your hair and end off with some hairspray.

9. Donut Half ‘Do With Braid Base

Donut Half ‘Do With Braid Base Pinit


Buns and braids are the chicest ways to style updos. It’s solely proper for me so as to add them to this half up-half down listing as nicely, particularly once they create such an attractive hairdo!

How To Do
  1. You’ll want a donut bun for this coiffure.
  2. Collect the hair from the entrance and tie it in a half ponytail.
  3. Place your donut bun on the base of the ponytail by passing the ponytail by way of it.
  4. Maintain the bun band in place with one hand and organize the ponytail hair round it with the opposite.
  5. Insert an elastic band across the bun band to safe your hair in place.
  6. Brush the remaining hair down.
  7. From the ponytail, take two small sections of hair and weave them into braids.
  8. Wrap these braids across the base of the bun and pin them in place.

10. Merely Twisted

Simply Twisted Pinit


This coiffure not solely appears pretty, however it additionally accentuates your facial options if in case you have a skinny face.

How To Do
  1. Half your hair as you’d usually.
  2. Twist the entrance part of hair from each side and pin them behind your head.
  3. Curl your hair with a curling iron so as to add a romantic contact to this half up-half down look.

11. Accessorized Half ‘Do

Accessorized Half ‘Do Pinit


Accessories can do wonders for your hairstyles. They can transform a simple ‘do (that you would never consider sporting to a wedding) into an elegant one.

How To Do
  1. Tease your hair at the crown to create a pouf.
  2. Add hair from the sides to the pouf and pin it just below or at the crown.
  3. Accessorize with decorative clips or flowers.

12. French Half Knot

French Half Knot Pinit


This is one of my favorite hairstyles. My hair tends to get greasy at the top, so I use this hairstyle to cover it up. It allows me to flaunt the rest of my hair, and I don’t want to scrub my hair each different day (thank God!).

How To Do
  1. Part off a Four-inch part of hair from the entrance hairline to the crown, and clip off the remainder of your hair.
  2. French braid this part of hair.
  3. As soon as the French braid reaches the crown, weave a daily braid the remainder of the best way down.
  4. Safe the top of the braid with an elastic band and wrap it round on the crown to type a bun.
  5. You’ll be able to pancake the braid earlier than tying it in a bun to make it look greater.

13. Alternate Half ‘Do

Alternate Half ‘Do Pinit


There’s one thing about alternate hairstyles that pulls us in. They’re easy and handy to do if you’re in a rush.

How To Do
  1. Collect the hair on the entrance and prime of your hair and tie it in a daily half ponytail.
  2. Decide up a piece of hair from the aspect, move it over the half ponytail, and pin it a bit on the opposite aspect.
  3. Do the identical on the opposite aspect.
  4. Repeat the 2 earlier steps to complete off the look.

14. Braided Change

Braided Switch Pinit


Half updos and braids actually go hand in hand! Take this pretty coiffure, as an example. The braids seem like nautical ropes and oh-so-perfect.

How To Do
  1. Comb your hair again, so it falls behind your shoulders.
  2. Collect some hair from one aspect on the entrance and weave it into a daily braid.
  3. Repeat the identical on the opposite aspect.
  4. Safe each braids with elastic bands.
  5. Be a part of each the braids on the again, putting one over the opposite, and pin them on the crown to carry them in place.

15. The Twisted Crown

The Twisted Crown Pinit


This can be a quite simple coiffure that’s fairly underestimated as a daily ‘do. But, once you add in some elegant accessories, it looks stunning.

How To Do
  1. Take some hair from one side at the front and twist it. Pancake the twist to make it look bigger.
  2. Pin the twist near your ear on the opposite side.
  3. Repeat the same on the other side.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with thin sections of hair and pin them right under the first pair of twists.
  5. Don’t overlook to decorate with some recent flowers.

16. Hair Tie Half Updo

Hair Tie Half Updo Pinit


Elastic bands often look unseemly and can’t be flaunted. That’s why I all the time use this tip to maintain my hairdo wanting on level. In any case, why ought to one thing so simple as a hair tie damage my look?

How To Do
  1. Collect some hair on the prime of your head to type a excessive half ponytail. Safe it in place with an elastic band.
  2. Take some hair from the half ponytail and wrap it across the elastic band to cowl it up.
  3. Tuck the ends beneath the elastic band or use a hair pin to safe it in place.

17. Knotted Half Updo

Knotted Half Updo Pinit


Some knots might be good in your hair! Do this easy hairdo if you find yourself in a rush and make heads flip.

How To Do
  1. Curl your hair with velcro rollers. You possibly can depart them on in a single day.
  2. Brush your hair again after detangling it.
  3. Take some hair from each side and tie it in a knot under the crown.
  4. Use pins to safe the knot in place.
  5. Spritz on some hairspray to safe the knot in place.

18. Braided Pouf Half ‘Do

Braided Pouf Half ‘Do Pinit


This beautiful hairstyle has a vintage feel to it. Can you picture those old-school parties where all they thought about was dressing up and dancing? This hairstyle would be perfect for those kinds of events.

How To Do
  1. Backcomb the hair at the top of your head, making it as big as you’d like. Pin it on the again together with some hair from the edges.
  2. Take some hair from the aspect on the entrance and weave it in a French braid, including extra hair solely to the underside strand. Pin it behind your head.
  3. Do the identical on the opposite aspect.
  4. Pancake the braids, in order that they seem like strings of hearts.
  5. Curl the ends of your hair so as to add a tender contact this hair look.

19. The Bouffant

 The Bouffant Pinit


The bouffant is one other half updo that has stood the check of time. It’s the right mix of artwork and class.

How To Do
  1. Brush your hair again in order that it falls behind your shoulders.
  2. Divide your hair into two sections: prime and backside. Clip off the underside part of hair.
  3. With the assistance of a rat tail comb, part off an inch of hair from the entrance, from ear to ear. This hair will act because the bangs for this hairdo.
  4. Tease the remainder of the hair within the prime part.
  5. Smoothen down the highest of the teased hair with a comb.
  6. Collect and maintain this hair under the crown, twist it twice, raise it up, and pin it in place to create a bouffant.
  7. Half the hair used for the bangs within the center and curl it to border your face.
  8. Curl the remainder of your hair as nicely.

20. Pull Via Half Updo

Pull Through Half Updo Pinit


I do know you’re considering this coiffure seems to be difficult, however it’s really not. It’s easy, and when you get the grasp of it, I’m positive you’ll like it!

How To Do
  1. Part off hair from the middle to type a middle half ponytail and safe it on the crown of your head utilizing an elastic band.
  2. On one aspect of the half ponytail, collect some hair and weave it in a French braid, maintaining it parallel to the ponytail, till you attain the crown.
  3. When you attain the crown, weave it a daily braid the remainder of the best way down.
  4. Repeat the identical on the opposite aspect as nicely.
  5. Collect some hair from each side and tie it into one other half ponytail just a little under the primary half ponytail.
  6. Half the primary ponytail in half, and cross the braids and second half ponytail by means of it on the middle. Tie the primary half ponytail with one other elastic band beneath the braids and the second half ponytail.
  7. Repeat the identical with the second half ponytail as you probably did with the primary one.
  8. Proceed this till you attain the top.
  9. Pancake the half ‘do to make it look elegant.

Those were my picks for the best half up-half down hairstyles. What twists would you add to these hairdos to make them look even better? I always try to add a few random thin braids to my half knot to jazz it up. Oh, and most importantly: never forget hairspray! It’ll hold your hairdos intact all through the day. Inform us about your favourite half updos within the feedback part under.



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